Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A drink, darling?

For this first series of photos, taken at Le Colonial in San Francisco, I decided to try my hand at majorly adjusting photos.  The adjusted photo is first, with the original, smaller photo following.  I hate using a flash indoors in public (especially when taking a bunch of pics) and the result is that these photos didn't come out.  So, I took iPhoto's generic photoshop to town.  I'm always curious about photos before and after and I never usually edit my pictures except to crop them.  What do you think?


Next on the agenda is a ginger lemonade with some fresh mint leaves thrown in for good measure.  I am enthralled with The Essential New York Times Cookbook and have yet to be disappointed with any recipe therein:

You start by boiling fresh ginger:
I added some mint:
I Squeezed some lemons from the tree outside.  While most lemonade calls for you to make a simple syrup with sugar and water, This recipe calls for you to dissolve the sugar directly in the lemon juice.  So, SO much easier:
Some blending, and voilà :

Next, from the Cookbook, a Mint Julep.  I've been curious about them but we didn't have any bourbon so I substituted rum.  I probably won't go down this road again.  You may recognize the red peppermint from THIS POST.  Or not:

 And there you are, some of my latest whims.  What do you think?  
What is your favorite summer drink?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Playing With Fire

Un crêpe c'est bon, un crêpe flambée c'est quelque chose à voir...
 Translation: a crêpe is good, a crêpe flambée is something to see:
When brown sugar and rum meet a lit match, this is what happens:
Looks burnt, but I promise it tasted good.
I love crepes.  I really do.  For proof, you can read THIS POST. 
So, I poured brown sugar and rum on a crepe, turned out the lights, and then lit a match.  Maybe not the safest thing but it sure made for awesome pictures.  My favorite discovery this time around with toppings?  Brown sugar and lemon juice on the crepe while it is still cooking.  The result yields a tangy caramel.  Mmmm... or miam miam as they say in France.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Artsy Scarf

I found this scarf in a garment box in my bedroom and it has been a staple of my Spring wardrobe.  From the Met in New York, it's probably a reproduction of a piece of art or based on a special exhibition.  It is initialed :H:M but I can't figure out anything about the artist.  Maybe you know:

 Brooks Brothers (via Sola Lucy Consignment) shirtdress, vintage slip, vintage Met Museum scarf, Sanderson Cowboy Boots, Laurel Burch earrings, Calvin Klein belt

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vamos a Puerto Rico!

I had never experienced Puerto Rican food before our friend, Frank, introduced us to Sol Food, a new obsession of mine.  Yep, that is an entire half of a lime you see in that mason jar.  So, when we go to San Rafael, we go to Puerto Rico in our sols.  


After my dog's physical therapy, where he walked on a water treadmill, we stopped for lunch.  Yep, you read that right, his physical therapy.  As a retired guide dog breeder, my pooch has awesome health insurance benefits.  Ah, to live a dog's life...  Above are two of my constant cravings: the red sauce (what is in that stuff??) and the limonada fresca, a fizzy limeade.  Sooooo good.

Order at the tiny storefront, then walk around the corner to find yourself in a tropical getaway in the middle of a busy town:

My mom had these two cotton button-up shirts that are the softest things, 
below I am wearing one, though you can't really see...

Limeade again, I can't help myself:

I've never been to Puerto Rico, but if I feel this happy simply eating their food, 
then get me on a plane with a quickness!
Jíbaro, steak on a plantain bun:
Jamón, queso, y huevo (ham, egg, & cheese):
I always drench my sandwich in the sauce and then mop up
any remainder with the last of the bun:
Should you choose to investigate whether the food is as addicting as I say it is,
and I suggest you do, if able, here are some vital details:
811 4th St.
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 451-4765
*Also, they have full plates that are amazing, we just stick to the sandwiches*

After 20 minutes of treadmill walking with water resistance, one gets worn out!
For once he IS the photo and is not just bombing it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's get fierce at the City College Fashion Show!

Does the title reference fashion adequately??  I hear Christian Siriano more than Tyra in "fierce" but to each her own.  Why am I thinking of Project Runway?  Why, Decadence, of course!  The annual City College of San Francisco's fashion show, Decadence, was a chance to take my skirt out on the town.
Vintage red leather skirt and asymmetrical cocoon sweater:

On the way to Ruby Skies in SF... I  liked the Owl Tree sign:
We parked up where the cars are sideways and the sidewalk is converted to stairs:

At the show, we had a view between two very tall heads.  All you little ones know:
 My following (camera) shots were taken trying to overcome adversity. 
Rad ombré leggings, pants:
These guys had sleeves...
...and then, with the pull of some zippers, they didn't!

On the left is one of my favorite pieces, a green trench with black leather lapels: 
(Sorry it's basically indistinguishable)

In store for one of the designers was a scholarship to San Francisco's Academy of Art. 
KIKA HEWEL was the big winner.  See some of her pieces below: 
This model rocked everything she wore:
 What is a skirt below, started off as cape, like THIS:
Kika Hewel herself:
And again, modeling the cape-to-skirt:
 Buy her designs HERE(also the source) 
Loving the eggplant tights with mustard shoes:
One of the designers wearing the best pants, the photo does not do them justice:
A bellydancing interlude:
Back outside the show was another event entirely.  Inspired, I attempted street fashion photography but was less than successful.
My friend suggested, "You could just go the easy way and... ask them!"
The blue shoes had wood inset in the wedge and were gorgeous.  I could find no photos of them at all
so simply imagine the Jeffrey Campbell Harlows below, in the beautiful blue seen above:
I'll ask next time because her kicks were dope.

After, a cucumber gimlet and a cachaça colada at Le Colonial:

Back home again, some more outfit details:
The button, all sewn on!
These Pare Gabia espadrilles are my favorite. With a bad ankle, these are working out all right!
The necklace is one of my favorite pieces from my mom's collection.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!  Or just say hi.  
Are you enjoying the many pictures or are they too much?

Until the next time!  Bisous.