Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vamos a Puerto Rico!

I had never experienced Puerto Rican food before our friend, Frank, introduced us to Sol Food, a new obsession of mine.  Yep, that is an entire half of a lime you see in that mason jar.  So, when we go to San Rafael, we go to Puerto Rico in our sols.  


After my dog's physical therapy, where he walked on a water treadmill, we stopped for lunch.  Yep, you read that right, his physical therapy.  As a retired guide dog breeder, my pooch has awesome health insurance benefits.  Ah, to live a dog's life...  Above are two of my constant cravings: the red sauce (what is in that stuff??) and the limonada fresca, a fizzy limeade.  Sooooo good.

Order at the tiny storefront, then walk around the corner to find yourself in a tropical getaway in the middle of a busy town:

My mom had these two cotton button-up shirts that are the softest things, 
below I am wearing one, though you can't really see...

Limeade again, I can't help myself:

I've never been to Puerto Rico, but if I feel this happy simply eating their food, 
then get me on a plane with a quickness!
Jíbaro, steak on a plantain bun:
Jamón, queso, y huevo (ham, egg, & cheese):
I always drench my sandwich in the sauce and then mop up
any remainder with the last of the bun:
Should you choose to investigate whether the food is as addicting as I say it is,
and I suggest you do, if able, here are some vital details:
811 4th St.
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 451-4765
*Also, they have full plates that are amazing, we just stick to the sandwiches*

After 20 minutes of treadmill walking with water resistance, one gets worn out!
For once he IS the photo and is not just bombing it.

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