Sunday, November 14, 2010

not many posts lately

but I die for Arcade Fire lead singer Régine Chassagne's dress. (*wink* Rachel Zoe)

When we saw them live, you could for sure see the sparkle from the stands. Gorgeous.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Take 2

The street where I work holds a daytime Halloween.  I carved our storefront pumpkin (and am still enjoying the roasted, SALTED seeds) and enjoyed seeing the costumes of many munchkins that stopped in for candy.  I felt, however, that my previous costume may not have been entirely work-appropriate and in that, found a reason to get dressed up again.  Darn!

I mentioned long ago some fantastic finds from a local estate sale but have not provided any photos.  I felt motivated to work in to my costume the vintage headpiece; alors voilà

This dress was a gift from the owner herself of Amelia's RetroVogue & Relics in Austin.  I asked about it and she replied, "That old thing?  You can have it."  The dress had been hanging outside and the shoulders had bleached along the line of the hanger.  In Amelia's words, "This Texas sun'll bleach the white right off your bones."  

I'm guessing the headpiece is from the late 1940's or early 50's?  Anyone have some ideas?  
I think the dress was custom-made - the interior hems are raw and were hand-finished.  The back has a little flourish/pleat in the hem that gives the skirt movement - I don't know enough about sewing to know the term, time I learn?
Now for wearing a silk bow and netted headband to more everyday events...

On another note, the Giants baseball team winning the World Series has made for a super skyline.  I tried to capture it:
 There are three distinct orange spots towards the left and center of the photo, right below the sky.  There was an orange flare atop the Transamerica Pyramid building:
Source: Wikipedia
And the Ferry Building was lit in orange, along with Coit Tower. 

Sorry the photos are so blurry, hope they convey something.  I've seen the skyline so many times, I think I imagine something in these pictures that isn't always captured.

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