Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jungle-Themed Photo Mashup!

In the spirit of getting something out there, here is content.  I've been doing some work before my summer job starts and I have complete sartorial freedom!  See the shirt?  Hence the jungle theme.

While exciting, this freedom has also led to mornings of, What do I wear?  One of the pieces in my mom's collection, I've been looking to wear this shirt for a while.  I decided tucked in to my high-waisted slacks was the plan for this day.  Sorry about the nighttime, indoors photos.  To make up for it, here's some "daylight!"  Pretending we live in a jungle, see all the green?  The "summer" has turned into rainforest weather, minus any warmth.

This looks like daylight... doesn't it?  I was listening to the radio and there was a game where contestants had to guess the meaning of certain words.  One of the words was, eosophilia.  Can you guess  the meaning?   "A love for dawn or daylight."  I am definitely an eosophiliac. 

Later that rainy day pictured above, some sun came out.  See?  Eosophilia.  Check out the 4 different colors of clouds.  

Back to posing:

Because I like that the Man Repeller puts funny faces online, here's one of mine!

Surprise!  Back outside!  Bring the orchids inside, too much sun!

What's a jungle theme without a beast?  And he's a vicious one...

I know, kind of random post.  But, I do what I can.  Bisous.


  1. I love love love those trousers. And you look fantastic!

  2. I really liked this outfit at training!
    I was just too shy to say so.

  3. Thank you, Hannah! I love that you said trousers. We should talk soon... I miss you.

  4. Natasha, thanks again. Also your dress was so cute - sometimes the pictures don't do your work justice! Though they are still amazing.


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