Sunday, June 19, 2011

About My Father

This is my dad "a few moons ago," as he puts it (my mom is at the wheel).  After my mom had moved on to Volvos, he drove this BMW until it was 25 years old.  He enjoys getting the most out of something.  And listening to this song.
He also enjoys New York Times Crossword Puzzles:

And sitting outside in the morning /

Under his plum tree /

Next to the hibernia /

while drinking a caffe latte /

Made from coffee he has just ground /

And sometimes with a pastry (though not always) /

Also keeping an eye on the weather.

After breakfast, he gardens in shoes once used for hiking, close to 40 years ago /

Now with grass in the laces / 

While wearing protective gear, including noise-canceling headphones (of course) /

He whacks the weeds.

This year, he grows tomatoes /

And labels them /  

With enough to share / 

My aunt takes three bags full.

For lunch, he might poach an egg or two.

Then it is back to the garden /

Under the lemon tree /

He keeps the sun away from his skin, caring little for appearances /

Growing lettuce in a wheelbarrow /

With netting to keep the hungry deer away /

He fertilizes the roses /

My mother's favorites.

With a green thumb, he revives a mint plant /

And an orchid.

And at the end of it all, topped with his famous marinated onions and homegrown lettuce, he enjoys a hamburger and a Pale Ale.

This is a little about my dad.  
Happy Father's Day.


  1. What a beautiful post, Catherine! It totally encapsulates your Dad in a wonderfully sweet and simple way. Happy Father's Day to him!

  2. a belated comment that this is a wonderful tribute to your pops:)


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