Sunday, March 6, 2011

Local Blog Inspiration

Feeling quite inspired by San Francisco-based blog, atlantic-pacific :

Catch Her Here!

After I finally got my hands on a pair of "it-brand" jeans, wide-leg really is happening everywhere.  Though I plan to stick with the skinny silhouette for quite a while yet.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Je m'en souviens - Part 5

Part 5 in my series comes from a slide.  It's so perfect that my mom is chatting to someone... my dad is infamous (and sometimes annoying) with his candid shots but this time, he captured the moment, I'm sure.  Kodak may no longer make Kodachrome slides but since vintage is a recurring theme here, why not branch out into vintage technology?  

While the dress has no label, when I rolled up one of my sleeves, the above trim was a dead giveaway.  I immediately recognized it from years of having fouillĂ©-ed (dug around) in my mom's sewing kit.  There is a high chance that she made the dress or had it custom-made.  Either way, I may not have memories of her wearing it, but the slide combined with wearing the garment itself means I get keep her with me, present in my daily going-abouts.  

This may be all for these kinds of posts, or not, but the project itself ends here.  I hope you have enjoyed this more detailed glance into who I am - it couldn't have been done without my Tim, photographer (here and above photos) and Pat's beautiful garden.  I can't end this without saying that I did not appreciate my mom's style enough while I could tell her such things but as my dad would say about kids when they're younger, my brain wasn't totally developed.  Sometimes you just don't know what is special around you, until you look from a different view. 

Love you, mom.  And thank you. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Je m'en souviens - Part 4

This is a photo that I discovered after finding the necklace my mom is wearing in the back of her closet.  After thinking all of her vintage jewelry had been stolen,  finding her junior prom medallion and the above necklace was a gift.  Then this photo surfaced and that same night I went searching for this skirt.  Every time I wear it, women approach me and say, "I had that same type of skirt in the '70's!"  It's this heavy wool with raw seams that I think might have been custom-made for her.  My dad also said that my mom frequently went to sample sales... I suppose the origins of this skirt will remain mysterious. 

The bracelet below is from Oaxaca, a trip my parents took in the 1970's.  It was also rediscovered in a mysterious box that evaded thieves when our house was robbed.  I'm grateful for these pieces that I remember my mom herself wearing. 

I am wearing the top from a two-piece vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress, blanket wrap skirt, Pare Gabia espadrilles, a coral necklace that was a gift from my French host mother, vintage earrings, watch, and Mexican bracelet.

Thanks for stopping by... please leave any comments, I am more than happy to hear your thoughts!

Until the next time, Bisous.  

Je m'en souviens - Part 3

My mom, in the electric violet blazer and grey hat.  Sorry about the quality, it's rough scanning old photos.  After seeing this post, some of my near and dear ones may never speak to me again.  But I can tell you that we are all past this point and are all the better for it. 

If you knew my mom, you were well familiar with her hats.  Sometimes called "the hat lady," it only seemed appropriate to dedicate a post to this particular accessory:

I channeled  Hailee Steinfeld and loved it.  I may even start using words like "Braggadocio."  I then went grocery shopping and felt very high fashion as I pushed towards the organic tangerines.  I don't wear enough hats, but I feel like they can really push an outfit into a new level of glamorous.  And I can't help but feel like I'm hiding out.

Many thanks to Tim my photographer, and also to our friend, Pat who offered her lovely backyard for the shoot.  Turns out Tim is quite the braggadocio when it comes to his photography skills.

I am wearing a Makins New York hat, vintage jewelry, Park Vogel sweater from Miss Sophie at Laws of General Economy, vintage slip from an estate sale, and vintage Sanders cowboy boots, from Etsy. 

Thanks for stopping by, check back for parts 4 & 5 (once it's available) !  Bisous.