Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Je m'en souviens - Part 4

This is a photo that I discovered after finding the necklace my mom is wearing in the back of her closet.  After thinking all of her vintage jewelry had been stolen,  finding her junior prom medallion and the above necklace was a gift.  Then this photo surfaced and that same night I went searching for this skirt.  Every time I wear it, women approach me and say, "I had that same type of skirt in the '70's!"  It's this heavy wool with raw seams that I think might have been custom-made for her.  My dad also said that my mom frequently went to sample sales... I suppose the origins of this skirt will remain mysterious. 

The bracelet below is from Oaxaca, a trip my parents took in the 1970's.  It was also rediscovered in a mysterious box that evaded thieves when our house was robbed.  I'm grateful for these pieces that I remember my mom herself wearing. 

I am wearing the top from a two-piece vintage Diane Von Furstenberg dress, blanket wrap skirt, Pare Gabia espadrilles, a coral necklace that was a gift from my French host mother, vintage earrings, watch, and Mexican bracelet.

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Until the next time, Bisous.  

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