Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lakeside, December 18th

Just out for a run & photos by Lake Michigan, Chicago.  On December 18, 2011.
 Last week, the rocks were iced over and there were icicles hanging from that barrier.  Not anymore.

Rumor has it this is the winter to beat all winters in Chicago but I really wouldn't mind it staying just like this.

(*Although I was looking forward to bragging after the fact that I survived*)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When Italian leather comes into your life.

How can you resist? I have been volunteering at Encore Resale in Hyde Park, Chicago.
Today, someone donated Prada shoes and the above Moschino boots. I don't think the brand ever intended for cheap and chic to be quite so cheap.  $15 cheap.  I'm guessing these are mid-90's? Anyone have any ideas?  The jacket is Woolrich, also an Encore find.
I feel quite Sea of Shoes & American Saloon gal in these.  A look outside of my normal zone but I am excited for this new expansion.
The belt, also Encore, $1.
This outfit may soon reappear.
Hope you are all gearing up for a lovely holiday season. I am taking advantage of treating myself.