Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update on Leather Lovelies

Liz Thayer provided an inside glimpse of her creative process here, at blog Big Things!  
I am officially, really obsessed.

How the magic happens, images via Big Things:

I want something of hers, desperately.  I might start saving.  

Your thoughts?  Comments?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Berkeley-Made Leather Lovelies

Claflin, Thayer & Co. has been on my mind, thanks to a friend seeking to encourage my desire to be crafty (as in, producing crafted goods).

With cheeky photos such as the one below, I couldn't wait to REBLOG:

Her images feature "local" nuances... from the Oakland-stamped logo to Chico, CA-produced Sierra Nevada.  I cannot wait to get my mitts on one of her purses.  Especially this one:

Get it here

It probably ages with use, like this pouch:

To explain above photo, see this post

And don't forget to see the things she makes (but doesn't necessarily sell), complete with photos taken during various stages of construction.  If her leather jackets ever hit the online store, my bank account is in trouble.  Instead, maybe she'll see my blog and say, You know, I would love to show you how to make beautiful leather goods.  

Dear reader, have I ever told you about how this is also my forum for fantasies?  Well, now you know.

Jusqu'à la prochaine, bisous bisous. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stylish Blogger? Me? Why thank you!

Natasha, blogger and all-things-sewing-related extraordinaire of  all dressed up and nowhere to go recently nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award.  Thank you, Natasha!  DO stop by her blog.  She is marvelous at her craft and takes great photos, as well!

(Because this is playing in the background and is lovely)
As the tradition goes, I am to share seven things that you may not know about me:
1)  I am prone to messiness.  It is awful.  But the worst is that I hate living in a messy environment.  It just stays that way until I can TRULY no longer stand it (and get into a mad cleaning frenzy).

2)  Ever since I started working retail, I hope to one day merchandise my closet / have a room with rolling racks.  There would definitely be a lot of black.

3) My dream job would be doing anything for National Public Radio but especially in production of
wait wait... don't tell me!  or Fresh Air (today's episode is an interview with Will Ferrell)

4) I wish I could sew and I talk incessantly about someday taking a class or two.  

5) I am bossy.  Really bossy.  And this results in my feeling like I need to always inform other of what I consider the great things in life.

6) I procrastinate like it is actually my job.  And feel horribly about it.

 7) Losing my mom has made me feel grateful, in a deeply conscious and almost obsessive way, for my relationships with those I love.  Which includes not staying mad even when I really want to.

A grand night with grand people.
There you are, or rather, there I am.
Now, to pass along The Stylish Blogger Award, some bloggers I appreciate and am naming Stylish, though I may not be the first to do so:

  • Julia of San Diego Songbird a source for inspiration and whose Mi Casa posts feature some miraculous home styling and decor.
  • Brendan of Made in Taiwan because who doesn't love reading witty accounts of life abroad?
  • Jennifer of Big Mac November, a journal of growing up in that fashionable city of lights.
  • Jana and Vanessa of Midnight Couture for the pulse on Berlin's style.
  • Haleigh of Making Magique because happiness can be transmitted through photos.
  • The Divinitus who proves that one can NEVER have enough black.
  • Lorraine at SF Indie Fashion who works tirelessly to bring her city-by-the-bay readers events and fashion-related excitement.
Thank you again, Natasha!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Those Louboutin's again...

Popped over to Tonic and had my heart jumpstarted.

And then, I found what I am pretty sure is a Campomaggi bag featured by The Sartorialist:

These are fantastically-made, super heavy-duty purses still produced by hand on the Adriatic coast of Italy, in the Emilia Romagna region.  Pick up this beauty here.  The dye style is called tinto in capo, which I believe means that the leather is dyed like a fabric... it's almost tie-dyed looking.  I am not usually a bag person but these make me start to think/hallucinate that spending $700 on a bag could be worth it.

P.S. Re: above paragraph.  I suppose if you model it, you get to keep it:

Dang.  Guess I'm in the wrong gig. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

digging this tune

Despite the definite chill in the weather, this little ditty makes me tap my feet and shake my shoulders:

(I will keep listening until I can sing the chorus w/o checking lyrics online)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Fall, Dress Me in Gucci!

I have been taking a Fashion Writing course and for a project on trend forecasting, I couldn't help but make the Gucci Fall/Winter 2011 Collection a major player in what would be an imaginary editorial feature.  Below, for my setting, I chose to "shoot" in Hungary, followed by the garments and accessories that would be featured in what I have decided to call Tenue magazine.  If you want the full feature, scroll on down and find my imaginary narrative.  It might help this all make some sense.
                -Updated 5/28/11

Sculpture garden, Ludwig Múzeum of Modern Art, Budapest, Hungary: 

Opening Pages 1-2:

Derek Lam

Pages 3-4:
Cover Look:
Charlotte Olympia; Christian Dior

Pages 5-6:

Dries Van Noten

Pages 7-8:
Pages 9-10:

Nicholas Kirkwood
Styling inspired by Bonnie Parker:
Image VIA

*Clothing/Accessory images from Vogue and*
* Photos of Budapest copyright by author *

Standing in front of the Ludwig Múzeum on a grey March day in Budapest, it is warm outside, in the 50s, despite the snow atop the upper reaches of both Buda and Pest.  The city’s famed natural hot baths beckon but there is much work to do here outside the modern art museum.  As assistants place a small platform along the borders of the fountain, where the models will stand for Tenue magazine’s Fall/Winter 2011 Trend Forecast, the colorless sky fades out of consciousness against the black and white, mustard, peacock, and scarlet of Gucci, Lanvin, and Derek Lam, the main players in today’s shoot.  The models look European, with their French cat-eye liner and true red matte lips. Their cheeks are rosy – from blush and wind.  Their lacquered and wavy hair, topped by a bun holds steadfast against the elements.  Models lucky enough to have been styled with hats seem to have gotten the better deal than those in gowns being whipped about by the wind.  Creative Director, Catherine rushes around, readjusting scarves and the tilt of hats, ordering that lipstick be touched up. 

When asked why she chose Hungary’s capital city for the shoot, Catherine explains that in her twenties, she spent eight days in the city, alone.  “It is a place where communist block, French brutalist-style architecture abuts art nouveau columns and tiled mosaic entryways.  But no one has the money to make these buildings shine like in Paris; you must look for the gems.  Keep your eyes open and take the time to see it.”  And indeed, in this courtyard, the reds of the outfits are echoed in the cable car wires next to the museum.  The aqua tiles of the fountain and the museum windows play with the blues of hats and fur stoles.  The brick fountain walls accent a mustard Lanvin minidress, and black lanterns sitting on a white, half-submerged sculpture will be the scene for an especially glamorous Lanvin black-and-white combination.  Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, paired with a red Gucci gown, mimic the outline of the museum behind the garden.

The 2011 fall and winter seasons continue Spring’s colorblocking only in a palette decidedly more, well, autumnal.  Classic elegance is updated with modern sculptural elements and color contrast.  More delicate silhouettes are made less fragile through leather bodices or stark color contrasts from opposite ends of the spectrum.  Mustard and peacock show in full force and often together.  One senses as inspiration the 1940’s gangster John Dillinger and early 1920’s glamour tinged with Bonnie Parker’s practical, close-fitting and simple dress silhouettes (Parker also serves as inspiration for the shoot’s hairstyles).  Fall’s woman is both ready to face the outdoors but set with streamlined, flowing gowns for both day and evening wear. While the silk silhouettes are softer than the sportswear, Gucci’s woman is by no means a wallflower but the colorful center of any room, or museum courtyard.

Fall’s skirt lengths continue to defy any set standards, appearing in maxi and  mini and every length in-between.  Structured accessories balance out lightweight skirts.  Bowler bags and statement shoes, like designs from Nicholas Kirkwood harmonize with the saturated colors appearing this fall. 

The cover of the September issue of Tenue will feature a Gucci floorlength gown worn with Charlotte Olympia spat-inspired ankle boots and oversized Christian Dior lacquer earrings.  If Tenue is showing us how to dress, we can hardly wait for fall.