Thursday, April 14, 2011

Those Louboutin's again...

Popped over to Tonic and had my heart jumpstarted.

And then, I found what I am pretty sure is a Campomaggi bag featured by The Sartorialist:

These are fantastically-made, super heavy-duty purses still produced by hand on the Adriatic coast of Italy, in the Emilia Romagna region.  Pick up this beauty here.  The dye style is called tinto in capo, which I believe means that the leather is dyed like a fabric... it's almost tie-dyed looking.  I am not usually a bag person but these make me start to think/hallucinate that spending $700 on a bag could be worth it.

P.S. Re: above paragraph.  I suppose if you model it, you get to keep it:

Dang.  Guess I'm in the wrong gig. 

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