Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poetic Earth Leather Goods

Around Christmas, I was introduced to these gorgeous pieces by Poetic Earth, based in Syracuse New York.
It's a tiny, traveling operation where everything is done by hand.
These bags smelled absolutely divine.
And the leather is supple and sturdy.
The bag above was giant, easily travel-duffle size. Barring my current state of unemployment, I would have taken this one.

The journals are hand-painted. For each color applied, the leather must dry before using a different color.
And the owner and assistant were awesome. They let me snap away and talked to us for 45 minutes. My boyfriend left with a journal and he hasn't parted with it since. Do check them out at:
I'm pretty sure they do make bags on order, these are really priced on the lower end for the type of merchandise you are getting. Most things like this are usually in the $1000 range. I swear!

Hope you're having a good week, maybe be back with a style post tomorrow. Please let me know what you think, leave a thought or three!


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  1. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog while surfing the web . I had no idea! Thank you so much for the kind words.....Steven Malone / Poetic Earth


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