Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tea Time, Tea Length

A tea-length skirt while having tea:



When I visited Chicago in August to see apartments, we had some time to kill before our visit. A thrift store across the street from the building we were visiting beckoned me inside. The prices were ludicrously low, like someone had forgotten to write the last "0" on the tags. In the back, I found a 2-piece vintage Evan Piccone for Saks skirt suit and loved it. I decided that if it was still there in one month's time, it would be my reward for packing my life into a truck and moving to an unknown city half way across the country. One day after arrival, I marched across the street and there it was. Waiting for me.

This skirt, though wool, works across seasons, from warmer months to colder. taken in my cousins' beautiful backyard, I've been wanting to share this next photo for a while. My aunt commented that she hadn't seen anyone wear a similar silhouette since the 60's. Which maybe places the era it was made? I try to guess by labels but I never really know. I hope it takes you back to summer for just a moment:
Thanks for stopping by. Bisous.

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