Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Louder than sirens, louder than bells...

Florence and the Machine come to the Greek Theatre in Berkeley!  And she was louder than sirens and bells.  And so glamorous in what may have been Gucci?  And I love Gucci.  I am lucky to have seen her, she has a voice for the ages.  Press play for a listen:

In high school, my mom took me to a consignment store in a ritzy neighborhood of San Francisco called Pacific Heights.  There,  we stumbled upon a $30 Emporio Armani dress that I wore to prom.  And guess what?  In honor of Florence Welch's couture leanings, Armani made an appearance at the concert:

The dress is one shouldered so I just threw a slouchy sweater over it.  One of my mom's, of course:

Vintage purse from Inside Out, in Lille, France - store also mentioned HERE

Florence, not taken by me:

A little of what we saw, from a little further away:

A much better recording:

Tune in for more photos soon... I took plenty.  Sorting through them is turning out to be a two-post ordeal.  

Any good concerts you've seen lately? Any planned for the summer? 

Gros bisous.

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