Friday, May 20, 2011

Au Revoir, Ti Couz

SF staple Ti Couz has closed - my introduction to the Mission 
& and feeling SO cool on Fridays during high school.  
This is where I brought French visitors to show them 
we could also make crêpes, and also our go-to for city eating.

Sunday May 15th was their closing so we headed into the city for one last hurrah.  
Crepes are traditionally a food from Brittany, France so I decided to go along with the Breton theme.  And also try out the jewelry layering I have been seeing around.
Despite my smile, I really am sad about it. 

Neckalces, inner-outer: from Greece; silver from mom;, chainlink belt as necklace;
black onyx and pearl, also de maman.  
And one of those vintage, pre-Reed Krakoff Coach purses, 
also from my maman.  I love that thing.  The scarf: mom.
Yes, I am still wearing many of her pieces.  The original purpose of the blog continues!

The view along the way on BayAreaRapidTransit: cranes in Oakland.

The sight of the blue pillars from the BART station or
your far-away parking place meant you were close:

 "Mieux vaut boire ici qu'en face"
edit 6/13 - Rough translation: better to drink in here than out front.

One of my favorite Ti Couz memories?  Dinner here with my boyfriend's 3 sisters, 
his mom, and my mom.  They were out from the Midwest on a "girls trip."
They loved it!  
Ti Couz, a San Francisco staple that will be missed terribly. 
Merci beaucoup, Ti Couz, pour des souvenirs inoubliables et des crêpes magnifiques.  

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