Monday, February 28, 2011

Je m'en souviens - Part 2

Inspired by... this Camel blazer:

If you are newly tuning in, this is the 2nd in a series of 5 posts dedicated to my style icon and  inspiration, my mother.  See this post for more details.   Judging by my sister's size, image circa: 1979-1980.

I found this Italian cashmere blazer stuffed in my closet when camel started to be touted as this season's "thing."  Perhaps I noticed it because I was trying to be on trend?  But I was thrilled - one less thing to lust after while reading The Sartorialist.  The pendant my mom is wearing was a gift from my mom's mentor during her medical school residency.  It featured the emblem from the Saudi Arabian flag and was stolen a few years ago.  Her mentor lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and became a fairy godmother to me and my sister.  

Cleaning this past week with my sister, I found this photo and couldn't help but show you one of the ways I like to style it:

On my hidden right hand is this ring:

I had already pilfered it before the theft, making it one of my only pieces that I remember playing with in my mom's jewelry box as a little girl, and that I still have.  The postcard behind it is dated 190? - the ink has faded.  I bought it along the Seine.

I am wearing a Galleria New York Vintage blazer, H&M jeans, Cécilia silk blouse, vintage Ferragamo boots, Laurel Burch earrings, bracelet bought in Budapest and vintage ring and watch (both accessoires de maman)

Tune in again soon for more of my tribute.  Bisous.

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