Monday, February 21, 2011

Les orchidées.

Orchids were my mom's favorite flowers, but we've had these giant potted cymbidiums forever and I have never before seen them bloom.  Because I spent the last 6 years in actual cold climates, I am somewhat awed to be surrounded by this much green and these many flowers in February.  And so I am documenting the greenery.

Some accessoires de maman:

This is an old belt I rummaged out of her collection - I wear it every other day.  The earrings are by Laurel Burch and are titled "Flying Fish".  My great aunt had a couple of pairs by this designer and then my mom stumbled on somewhere that was selling pairs by the bag.  I love their art deco/80's vibe.  I have been wearing them ALL THE TIME for the last 3 years.

Living in/loving my Hunter boots.  The hype is fair.  Wearing them with the ripstop jacket makes me feel like I should be wandering the grounds of my French or English countryside château to tend the sheep.  Sidenote: when I studied abroad, my host family actually had a château in the Burgundian country.

I have some ideas brewing for more posts including a potential foray into street fashion.  I don't know if I've mentioned that I'm taking a fashion writing course; for homework, I must create 5 posts in the next two weeks.  The biggest challenge will be to actually create 5 focused posts.  I'm kind of excited.

Until the next time.   

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  1. those orchids are gorgeous... so fun to see them bloom! love the earrings and can't wait to read your "focused" posts:)


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