Monday, February 28, 2011

Je m'en souviens - Part 1

On February 22, we remembered my the life of a marvelous woman, my mom.  The above photo (my mom is in sunglasses) is most likely from one of her summer trips to Montauk, a family tradition.   She died one year ago and as a tribute to her, I dedicate the next few posts to her enduring style.  These next few posts are a project meant to translate how she dressed then to how I wear it now.  

With my mom, what was acceptable was only the best.  This included her wardrobe.  During this past year, I have realized that her classic eye, combined with quality garments means that I live on the same hallway as a vintage store where everything is free but also frequently comes with a story.  In wearing some of her signature pieces, I remember her - as cliché as that sounds, it's true.  Another effect of renewed interest in her closet is that I have noticed details in photos that I didn't before, causing moments of, "I want to wear that!" and closet-diving.  So, why not show you, reader, how I make that work?  And what better way than to show you the photos?

When she died, I already had some favorite accessories "on loan."  I decided to take on her closet and found myself appreciating vintage pieces that I had never before realized were so fantastic.  One disappointment?  My feet are too small for her shoes.  The flipside?  My aunt recently absconded with quite a lovely collection, of course including Mummy's favorite label, Ferragamo:

So, in case you notice something different happening here around Vintage Accessory, now you have an explanation.  I conclude my introdution of my series, je m'en souviens, or, I remember.  Thanks for stopping by.

Bisous, bye.

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  1. what a gorgeous photo, catherine. this is a really great project you've got going and a perfect way to honor your mom:) xo


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