Sunday, October 17, 2010

A grey day

By Yvan Rodic at Facehunter 
My least favorite kind of day, grey.  It's not raining anymore but no sun.  I saw this on Facehunter and just loved how effortless and elegant this look is.  I am especially inspired by Nordic fashion (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden) and for the first time, she makes me want a cape!  

Off to work later, I think I may try some tights and wooly socks with perhaps desert boots.  I've taken pictures of past outfits but am not loving them.  I'll probably post anyway.  Have a good afternoon/evening. 

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  1. Je viens de faire un petit tour dans tout mes membres et j'ai vu que tu étais dedans. Je voulais te remercier de suivre mon actualité et de me laisser de gentil commentaires!
    Encore merci, n'hésite pas à me dire ce que tu penses de mon blog, toutes critiques est bonne à prendre.
    A très vite,


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