Friday, October 1, 2010

Dan Auerbach, you can be my man anyday.

This is what I lived last night:
Baby, I'm howlin' for you...
If you can see The Black Keys live, even if you don't know their music, do it.  Just do it.  Best show.
"Too Afraid to Love You"
"I'll Be Your Man"

This is some of Dan Auerbach's solo project stuff:

Most of his backing band is made up of the group, Hacienda.  Their first album was produced by Dr. Dog and the 2nd, Big Red and Barbacoa, by The Black Keys.  It's good, kinda garage-surfer-rock tinged with Southwest/Tejano flair.  They are great guys, we met them at South by Southwest in Austin and they sold us their album before the official release date.  During the show, one of their mics went out, so they played "Green Onions."
"Younger Days"
Band Website:

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