Saturday, January 8, 2011

some accessoires de maman...

Feeling inspired by a tutorial on eyeliner from helloitsvalentine, I decided to try and be makeup adventurous on an outing last weekend. 
I own some Chanel, it's true.  Found this blush in Mom's makeup drawer, I think she had it from a class that taught women undergoing chemotherapy how to style up their everyday look and potentially worry a little less about their hair, or the absence of their hair.

What a lovely Coach purse, again, from my mother's marvelously classic collection.  A piece that I live by when going out, as we were, to a smaller bar, or places where one finds oneself on a stool.  I hate leaving my purse sitting anywhere and so having a tiny crossbody bag such as this one allows me to keep my things with me, but comfortably! 

En route.  Happy weekend to all.

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