Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boyfriend's sweater

Feeling a bit manic these last few days, stress at work, stress at home.  So I am lagging on blogging.  But this is my attempt at picking myself up by my bootstraps.  And, as a play on words, inspired by the $430 boyfriend cardigan that I lust after at work, here is my boyfriend's sweater as a boyfriend sweater.

Keeping with the purpose of the blog, Mother's accessories, my earrings were from a trip to Oaxaca that my mom and dad took in the '70's. I had already adopted them before thieving scoundrels absconded with most of Maman's jewelry. 

Please follow... don't you want to?  And many thanks to those who already do.  I appreciate it.  I have to figure out which blogger template looks like this "classic" one but still allows me to show which blogs I follow.  I don't mean to discredit any mutual following!  If anyone has HTML tips they feel like sharing, I will not say no to help.

Off to veg a bit.  Thanks very much for stopping by!  Bisous.

P.S.  In the background is a Mexican creche that is also from Oaxaca.  The colors and detail of the set make my Christmas that much brighter.   I hope eventually to add a Provençale creche to my own collection.

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