Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Days Off


Enjoying some glorious days of sunshine with a cup of tea.  The vessel is a Chinese teacup/pot called a Gaiwan and was a Christmas gift to me, along with the Sencha tea that brews to the most beautiful green.

Because I fall for letterpress thank-you cards that I can't afford to buy in bulk, I am attempting homemade cards.  A good friend is set on encouraging my artistic endeavors and so she is to thank for the above set of watercolor pencils.  I have always loved painting but don't trust my freehand abilities.  The pencils allow for dependable color-blending with the relaxation of painting, as you go over the lines with a wet paintbrush to create a vivid, well, PAINTED appearance.  I hate my absence of drawing ability but secretly love painting.  Not many people know this little fact.  Inside my thank-you cards are little phrases meant to compliment the front.  I'm holding out for Snow & Graham to contact me as a freelance greeting card designer.

What are your favorite things to do during your free days?

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  1. it is a pretty color.
    i'm drinking my green tea right now....


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