Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Evening with Aïda

Happy holidays and New Year's to all!  Still feeling the aftermath of a New Year's Eve flu, I spent this evening in, serenaded by the San Francisco Opera's production of Aïda.

As a little girl, my dad would read this story from a beautiful book with pages bordered by marvelous Art Deco lotus patterns.  It's a Romeo and Juliet-esque story only the warring Montagues and Capulets are replaced by a war between Ethiopia and Egypt completed by angry kings and jealous princesses.  My dad enchanted me with visions of a stage production involving live elephants - a show he had seen while traveling.  Being around babies the last week has made me think so much about the time I spent with my own dad reading and reading and reading! 

And so, while listening and perusing some favorite other blogs, I told myself I would create at least one post tonight.  Resolutions, resolutions... start small... 1 post every other day?

I have some photos I've hinted at and been dying to show :

Homemade chicken/turkey pot pie courtesy of the Barefoot Contessa!  May not be the prettiest but was it ever good.  The turkey was leftover from Thanksgiving.  Yes these photos are THAT old. 

We enjoyed a tv-dinner.  Only it was a movie. 

While on a search for the perfect black boot, I came upon the following.  Really, what wardrobe is complete sans a touch of Cowboy...

boots: vintage Sanders

Wearing an OLD wrap skirt of my mom's - I have a photo of her wearing it (with the oft aforementioned but still rad tiered necklace) that sent me diving into a musty closet after it.  I will post more photos soon.  Hope your 2011 is all you wish it to be!

And please, don't hesitate to comment, comment, COMMENT!  Feedback, tips, and thoughts are always appreciated! 

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