Friday, January 14, 2011

Inspired by...

...La danse!

Since watching Frederick Wiseman's documentary, "La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet" il y a un moment (a WHILE ago), which I cannot recommend enough, I yearn to dress like a French ballerina in rehearsal tenue.  Each ensemble so light and airy, simple yet elegant, I have found myself searching for a tulle skirt and pink leotard to wear in public.  I have increased the presence of a chignon atop my head.

Stills from La Danse :

While I dream about teaching myself to make a tulle skirt, Ivan Rodic, The Facehunter, has captured what to me becomes a street version of les danseuses: 

Only in Brazil... She captures the same elegance as the ballerinas, form-showing yet again, airy, fantastical.  I love the retro cut of her bodysuit!  Where could she be off to?  
The Facehunter reminds me that I need to take more outdoor photos.  Do you suppose he just stumbles upon buildings that simply happen to match his subjects?
For a quick moment away, I leave you with Paris, and Wiseman's Ballet de l'Opéra National:

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