Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Multi-Subject Post

Our last couple of meals have been built on an avoidance of doing groceries.  The fridge is looking skeletal.  Last night, I finally stopped at an oft-wondered about Indian place rather than walking past as I usually do.  Not many people in my family like Indian so I had to jump on the chance to be ordering solo.  I started out with a Mango lassi (yogurt drink) while waiting for lamb korma.  The order included a dipping sauce which I'm inclined by my tastebuds to guess was tamarind.  This fruit also translates marvelously to frozen fruit pops.  There was even a cinnamon stick in my perfectly-seasoned rice, which was also so, so good.
A cinnamon stick, I swear
I wonder if much of the Indian food in restaurants is completely ordinary everyday cooking and it just seems this complex to me.  Maybe that should be my new endeavor... cooking Indian.  Yet it could end so badly...  Anyone have personal experiences cooking Indian food?

The night before, I adopted my sister's recipe for sauerkraut, using red cabbage and wine vinegar.  I also braised french beans in pine nuts, garlic, and olive oil.

My roommates, like me, leap for Acme bread:
Tim manages to mix denim.  He's classy.  I tried it out:
But kept the outfit in.  I'm hearing some comments that people are over the denim on denim thing... I've loved some outfits but I think the key is making sure the pieces contrast yet both are in current on-trend washes.

I've become partial to waking up to iced coffee Saturday mornings.  Icing hot coffee or simply letting it cool sometimes produces a bitter taste that puts me off.  I read about cold brewing and while it requires the least bit of night-before prep, the result is worth the effort:
You can cold-brew really in anything, from a regular glass or mason jar to a pot-full, should you anticipate guests.  And you might want to.  Throw coffee grinds in, add cold water, place in fridge.  That's all, and it's delicious.   The great thing about a French press is that you don't have to strain it afterwards.
Until the next post, Catherine

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