Saturday, September 18, 2010

Walked away from Givenchy.

I went to my first Estate Sale today, since I usually, frequently, longingly, drive by signs at inconvenient times.  Oh boy.  I tried on an 80's (I think) Givenchy Sport tennis sweater but didn't feel as moved by it as I would have hoped.  I am, however, obsessed with a BEAUTIFUL antique trunk at what-seemed-a-quite-affordable price.  Something in this vein,  but with cleaner edges, more simple, and less weathered.  Without a job, and really without my own living space, it wouldn't be a prudent expenditure.  Some day.  I hope when that day comes, I'll still have the time and energy to comb through estate sales and make my home a wonderful and eclectic (possibly uncluttered?) collection of renewed, re-lovable pieces.

For my first real apartment this past year in France, I engaged in urban gleaning, inspired by director Agnès Varda from, "Les glaneurs et la glaneuse" ("The Gleaners and I").  Which meant when people put out broken drawers and decimated bedroom sets, it all became public property.  Like a garage sale, where all is free.  My friends even would call me with sightings, only to sometimes arrive minutes later and have the piece be gone.  One night, when toting an immense bulletin board found in the middle of a run (ok, 2 blocks into the run...) I came upon two young frenchmen.  Attached to their bikes were small carts full of their own trésors glanés.  I envied their carts.  They seemed a touch suspicious of me (the French rarely exercise in public, nor go out in vêtements de sport) but after a small chat, we realized our mission in common.  I wonder what they did with their finds.  My favorite was a runged back of a chair, salvaged out of a huge mess of broken wood (beds, dressers, etc).  I hung the piece on a curtain hook next to my window (no curtain because of the volets, or shutters outside) and then placed hangers adorned with coats and scarves on the tiered rungs.  I seriously considered sending it back to the states.  TIP: Vinegar makes a great wood polish/cleaner!

To readers, I would love to hear about some of your inspiration for your living space.  Favorite tchotchke?  Statement piece?  

Here's to Friday, wishing you some quality relaxation these next days.

Bon weekend.


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