Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kindred Bag Spirits

Yes, I am comparing myself with super blogger and model, Hanneli Mustaparta.  I'm having one of those "my material possesions make me as cool as you!" moments.  Indulge me. 
This shot is almost a year old, taken on our way to see Arcade Fire.  The purse in discussion is vintage, pre-Reed Krakoff Coach, inherited from my mother.  Yet again, her winning and discerning taste means this purse is a bona fide classic.  (It can also be carried as a clutch by detaching the straps.)

I have decided to do a small homage to this vintage accessory, this accessoire de maman.  Check out the details:

An interior, attached coin purse is genius.  The smart design and thought that went into vintage  is what, for me, makes vintage so special.  Do you have a favorite vintage accessory?  Tell me about it!

Happy weekend to you.  Bisous, Catherine

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