Sunday, July 10, 2011

Out of all those kinds of people / You got a face with a view

A summer barbecue with very important people.

and delicious maple burgers made by the señor above:
A super organized grill, non?
A nosy poochie:
Not an accurate depiction of our joy and enthusiasm:
Storytelling and music discussions:

The end of a long week:

We had heated discussions about The Talking Heads and David Bowie's various personnages:
Watermelon cut up by the bearer of whimsy herself:
 Isn't she skilled?  I never buy melons because I hate having to cut them.
Speaking of whimsy, with the Labyrinth soundtrack playing in the background, this came about:
And then we bridged a world of magical puppets with magical realism à la Pan's Labyrinth:
And saluted the evening with our beautifully cut watermelons:
And to prove I was there too:
(don't you love that self-portrait face?)

Here's to my friends.  And to one we missed!

P.S. THIS is a great David Byrne, Brian Eno tune

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  1. how beautiful is our cecelia?! looks like a fun shindig:)


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