Monday, April 30, 2012

Constant Dreams of California

Enhanced Overexposure

I am still holding out against an iPhone, though my resolve is waning. The reason I bring this up is that the above photo, taken back in January, looks instagram-y, no? And I don't even have the app! It was really overexposed, super bright and washed out. But when I plugged it into iPhoto and hit "enhance," this magic happened. I think it looks like an old postcard. So, I take little credit for the editing but am excited about what resulted. In other words, I'm proud of me and my pretty picture.

Hopefully your Monday was lovely. I finally applied to an absolute dream job only to have the email bounce right back. They had announced yesterday via twitter that the position was filled and done it from within the company. Connections really are everything. Maybe I'll try to volunteer for them until something else opens someday... Bisous bisous.


  1. Missing home...

    1. I spent such a long time with westphoria after you posted this... thank you for a fantastic recommendation!

  2. this is SO pretty. i prefer it to instagram:)


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