Saturday, April 28, 2012

Springtime Colors

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This sweater was love at first sight. And I waited and waited and finally when no one else wanted it and it was about to be thrown out into the cold Salvation Army truck, it became mine. Can you see where the stitch changes direction at the shoulders, bottom hem, and sleeves? I think it's purty. I want to show off a bit of springtime in the city and I've decided that Hyde Park might have some of the best landscaping in Chicago.

My scarf was a gift from a dear family friend and I have barely taken it off since February. It comes from one of my absolute favorite stores, The Gardener. I hope one day to have a home that looks like the Berkeley store - the merchandising is absolute unbridled genius. And everything is beautiful.

My shoes are from way back in 2006: my junior year abroad. In stalking them, I also learned that my boyfriend and I do not feel the same way about shopping. At all. Unless it's in a record or book store.

Enjoy your weekend, bisous bisous.

Earrings: Laurel Burch via my great aunt
Shoes: Office
Jeans: Mango
Sweater: Encore
Scarf: Paulette Rollo from The Gardener

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  1. adorable! love those jeans rolled up like that and those flats are perf! xo


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