Saturday, August 20, 2011

Did you miss me?? Cause I missed you.

Above: my "I'm sorry for being away so long"-face.
So I ran away, off to vacation, away from the computer.  Then, I came home, had to face the reality of being back at work, and then was sick.  After a hiatus, here I am again.  I hope that your summer has been lovely.

While in Chicago, I picked up this vintage Dana Buchman blouse and have been wearing it every chance I get:

The dress is from 7th grade... I was shopping in Buffalo Exchange, and it reminded me of Julia Roberts' cocktail dress in Pretty Woman:
I wasn't going to buy it but my friend thought I should.  So he bought it:
I have vacation photos to share eventually... it's a wonder to me that not everyone who goes to Chicago immediately becomes an architect.  The skyline is phenomenal.  I just have to sort and pick my favorites.  Until the next time.



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